INTERVIEW – PAOK’s Hedwiges Maduro


Hedwiges Maduro has starred for Ajax, Valencia and Sevilla before recently settling in at Greek side PAOK.’s Martijn Hilhorst conducted an exclusive interview with Maduro this week to see what the future could hold for the midfielder.

In an interview from a year and a half ago you said you would’ve played more matches for the Netherlands if you didn’t left Ajax. Is this feeling still there and are you regretting some of the decisions you have made?

I never regret any of my decisions. You are aware of the choices you made. Sometimes this comes out great and in other occasions a bit disappointing. I do think that you are more in the picture when playing in the Netherlands which is logical because everyone could watch you regularly. When you aren’t playing at a big international club you are quickly out of the picture.

In the summer of 2012 it became public that you (at that time) had a heart condition. A problem which was dealt with immediately. Still, people do see you as a ‘unfit player’. How much did this affect your career? Were there any clubs who didn’t want you after this?

It was indeed a shock at the time, but eventually there wasn’t something majorly wrong with me. I am happy with the fact that I  have some papers which were signed by several doctors where it said I was and am completely healthy. I guess it doesn’t have any influence on clubs, because they now have enough knowledge to double-check everything.

In your career you have played for Ajax, Valencia, Sevilla and now PAOK. Which competition suited you most?

Spain. You could compare the way of playing with the Eredivisie, only on a higher level.

PAOK achieved three points in the first two matches in the Europa League with Guingamp, Dinamo Minsk and Fiorentina as competition. What are the chances of PAOK qualifying for the next round?

I think the chance of us qualifying is enormous and when being honest I think we owe it to ourselves.

All the matches in the Greece competition where postponed due the death of a fan. Would you describe the atmosphere passionate, hateful or even aggressive?

Greek football is mostly passion and pugnacity. But the aggressiveness is from the fans. There is a difference between aggressiveness on and off the pitch. Being this violent with the consequence of a decedent fan is disgraceful.

You still have one and a half year contract with PAOK. Is this your last club outside of the Netherlands or not?

That’s hard to say. You never know what the future brings.

Do you see yourself return to Ajax?

You never know for sure, so I don’t know. Anyway I love Ajax and no one can change that feeling!

We at are truly grateful that Hedwiges Maduro took time for this interview. Good luck with PAOK and we are hoping to see you soon in the Eredivisie.


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