Write For Us


We are currently recruiting for new writers to contribute to TOTAL DUTCH FOOTBALL.

We at TotalDutchFootball.com are currently looking for contributors to join our very successful team, and continue to help us grow.

Do you enjoy writing, looking to make a career out of journalism or simply share our passion for Dutch football?

If so read on…

TotalDutchFootball.com is viewed (on average) by thousands of different viewers per week and we can help progress your career.

Many of our writers have gone on to find paid employment for various other websites, sports magazines, local and tabloid newspapers from around the world.

By allowing us to host your articles, we advertise every article on the NewsNow website which gains millions of viewers on a daily basis from across the globe.

At this time, we are unable to pay for the articles that are submitted but if you can help us jobs then maybe one day due to sponsorship received we may be able to progress so much that we will offer paid jobs to our contributors.

So if you are interested in progressing your career in the world of sports journalism, moving onto to paid jobs or just wishing to advance your love for football – email editor Will Burns at Will@TotalDutchFootball.com today!


We are also looking for writers to deal with news, opinionated columns regarding Dutch football in general, including those players who ply there trade in different countries.

Or are you a fan of a specific Dutch club and would like to vent your views on that team, please get in touch!!!

If you are interested and would like to be a part of our writing team, please contact us by emailing editor Will Burns at willburns6@aol.com. Let us know where you are from, your area of interest and include any links or samples of writing you have done.


One response to “Write For Us

  1. If only I wasn’t leaving Holland to return to NY this summer……they can’t defend in Holland but it makes for entertaining football! Still Red Bulls here we come…

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