“Wait, what?” Because I like to be on top of the news, but I’m not that surprised anymore when I read about transfers. Normally there are some rumours and in some cases I’m only waiting for the official news. This goes the same for the recent deadline day – it was exciting as always, but it did not match my feelings when I heard about the biggest transfer this year writes Jos Boesveld.

No, it’s not James Rodríguez to Real Madrid or Ángel Di María joining Louis van Gaal at Manchester United. It’s Kenneth Vermeer and his transfer to Feyenoord.

It has been a long time since I needed a moment to realise what just happened. A shock move, as they like to call it in English. FOX Sports was the first to report the news. I was ready to watch FC Groningen – Ajax on Sunday afternoon when they told about a possible transfer between the biggest rivals in the Eredivisie.

The social media exploded and in a few minutes. The hashtag Vermeer, Ajax and Feyenoord became trending topic in the Netherlands. I did not contributed to that. I just sat there with my mouth open, staring at nothing.

That moment took me back to the 22nd of August 2012. I was a club-watcher for Ajax back then and in the heat of all the transfers, it was a busy month for me. I followed my Twitter feed, refreshed the website of Ajax every five minutes and had a list of players who were linked with the club. Christian Poulsen was not on that list, not even close.

And still, the Danish midfielder came to Ajax. I could not believe that a player with all his experience would choose for an adventure in Amsterdam. He did, and it stunned me. Some transfers just come out of the blue and can surprise everyone, no matter how interested they are in the club. It’s what’s making the transfer market interesting and makes deadline day better than Christmas, New Year’s Eve and whatever holiday combined.


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