Eto’wow: The excitement surrounding the Cameroon legends link with Ajax

Jos Boesveld makes his debut for Total Dutch Football explaining his excitement when he heard the news of Samuel Eto’o linked with a move to Dutch champions Ajax.

When I first heard the news I was shocked. Almost literally, because I wasn’t thinking straight when I returned to working in our house with the electrics. Maybe stunned is a better word. Samuel Eto’o, striker, world class player and god, could complete a transfer to Ajax.

I always like to find the original source of the news. This time, it was UK tabloid, The Sun. They describe their news as ‘The Best for News, Sport, Showbiz and Celebrities’. News and sport comes first, but showbiz and celebrities are pretty close-by. I’m never sure what to think of such news. So after my first reaction I had to explain to a lot of friends that this is a too-good-to-be-true-story and so on.

But still, wow. Even if there is just a small chance that Eto’o will come to Amsterdam, it would be amazing. I found myself thinking about some man on man combat in the Eredivisie, where Ramon Leeuwin, currently playing for FC Utrecht, would have to take on this beast of a striker. Last season, as Leeuwin played with ADO Den Haag against FK Tauras Tauragė in the Europa League qualifications, Eto’o thought it was funny to score a hat-trick against Manchester United.

I was doing my work just as usual, but Eto’o kept my mind busy. I did not realise it, but he was. Maybe he was the only reason I checked my newsfeed late at night. I immediately saw updates about the Cameroonian legend. This time it wasn’t an English source, De Telegraaf and the Voetbal International both said that Ajax was indeed talking with Eto’o and his management. Mind was, and still is, blown.

The small chance just became a whole lot. I trust both Dutch sources, because not only they have that reputation, they both had quotes from Marc Overmars, who handles transfers at Ajax. Wow. Did I mentioned that Eto’o has played over 500 games, in which he scored a little bit less than 300 goals?

Of course I do understand that bigger clubs than Ajax are interested in Eto’o, who is a free agent now. I do understand that Ajax cannot pay his salary and I do understand that outsiders laugh about our Eredivisie. However, I also know that Ajax is participating in the Champions League and that their goal to finally survive the group stage. With Eto’o, this can be realised. Oh yeah, and Ajax will be champions in the Dutch Eredivisie for the fifth time in a row. I feel like six years old again. In Holland we say ‘Een kinderhand is snel gevuld’, which is best translated as the fact that young children are easily satisfied. Apparently, only the name Eto’wow can satisfy me.


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