ADO complete Chinese takeover

Earlier this week, ADO Den Haag announced that Chinese sports promoting company ‘United Vansen International Sports’ have agreed the purchase of Eredivisie side after the deal got the go ahead from the municipality of The Hague.

Late last month, the Stadium Development Foundation (SSO), a major shareholder of the club, publicised that an agreement in principle on the acquisition of shares by Vansen. However, the municipality had to approve the deal because it has a priority share.

The Chinese company have not revealed the precise figures of the takeover, but expect to make transfers funds of up to €10 million available with European qualification the main objective.

ADO was founded in 1095 and brokers of the deal, Dong Dao have insisted that the new owners will not attempt to alter any of the club’s traditions. Talking to Xinhua, Li Chun, Dong Dao CEO said: “The purchase won’t change any attribute of ADO Den Haag, only except a more ambitious goal with a bit more financial investment.”

However, he did state that to help the club’s income over in Asia, the club may import some Chinese talent to don the green and yellow stripes: “There will be Chinese players, teams and coaches to be trained in ADO, which could make the club a symbol of Dutch football in China.

“This purchase will be good for every party, it will be good for ADO, good for the fans from both countries. It will also be good for the international image of Den Haag as a city and the Netherlands as a country,” Li added, “and good for Chinese football development.”

The brokers of the deal, Dong Dao have represented the Eredivisie before and became a major sponsor of AZ Alkmaar a few seasons ago. That deal made the company the first ever Chinese sponsor of Dutch football. The company has been appointed by the KNVB to promote world coach program all over China recently as well.


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