Strootman to Roma can wait

Although it is far from complete, the transfer of PSV’s Kevin Strootman to AS Roma is still on but the Eindhoven club are still not financially satisfied by the deal as of yet.


It is reported that PSV wants at least €18 million for the tenacious midfielder but the Serie A club has yet to match an offer for near that amount. Technical director, Marcel Brands has stated that the player will stay with PSV unless the money is right: “The money for the transfer has not been decided yet, and it is important that we get the right amount for a player we think very highly of.”

According to Brands, it may be some time before the deal is complete: “We are in no rush to broker this deal and AS Roma understands that. When Dries Mertens left, Napoli took five or six days to arrange it. In the meantime, Strootman will train and play with us in Germany.”

One team that will be hoping the transfer is complete soon is Strootman’s former club, Sparta Rotterdam.

Strootman came through the youth ranks at Sparta and when the player transferred to FC Utrecht in 2011 for €750,000 they left a clause in the contract to receive some part of any transfer fee received in sales of the midfielder. When Strootman moved to PSV from Utrecht, Sparta reportedly received around €335,000 from the deal, as they are set to receive 4% of any transfer fee.

Sparta’s general manager Wiljan Vloet spoke to AD Sportwereld and stated that money could help the cash-strapped club: “We want to put the money in the day-to-day running of the club. We are dealing with deficits in the budget and, with this windfall, we can partly cover the amount.”



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